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Share 100 ideas to improve Spain: where is the upbringing?


The past 9 March was the elections in Spain and the newspaper El Pais asked 100 Spaniards (famous or anonymous), called to exercise their right to vote, to come up with an idea to improve Spain. There were all kinds of suggestions: rights, rent, solidarity, health, culture, economy, science, etc. And regarding what interests us in this blog: parenting, these are the 5 requests:

  • 2. Large network of day care centers : I would choose an initiative with a cornerstone value, around which almost everything can be built. A large network of public nurseries. The best in Europe. Well endowed in all the senses. Without that first step, it is not easy to get very high.
  • 7. Education ten : Betting on an education ten, for the public nature of the cycle from zero to three years, since the whole stage of early childhood education has great importance in the formation of the future personality of children
  • 12. Increase places in public nurseries : More and more couples, young and mileuristas, have children, and I think that there are not enough places for everyone in public nurseries. In my case, as my wife does not work, I have not asked for it, because I think that removes points when it comes to choosing a position. But tell the mileuristas to see how they deal with children and work
  • 83. Maternity and work : Extend maternity leave to one year. But from then on, help families with the idea that women can rejoin the labor market as soon as possible
  • 96. Rationalization of working hours : As a researcher in the social sciences of work, I consider it necessary to focus on the rationalization of working hours and the revaluation of time dedicated to personal and social well-being, both for women and men. Balance professional activity, personal and family life

I applaud the last 2 ideas, but what kind of national blindness explains the current obsession with daycare from 0 to 3 years instead of other policies that allow parents (who wish to) to raise their children?

Is it that babies do not have rights ? Are we not harming the weakest in the social chain because parents have / want to work all day? Is that quality of life? How do we comply with the WHO breastfeeding recommendations if we park our babies at 0 months and go outside?

No matter how well equipped the nurseries are, a baby needs a mother, a boob, heat, arms, comfort, etc. and has the right to be raised by at least 1 adult. An African saying says: " It takes a village to raise a child ." In Spain we bet on the opposite: 1 person, many babies.

There are many more options for parenting as requested by the Family Assistance Coordinator and we have already indicated.

And it is not a retrograde, anti-feminist, or utopian discourse . In the Nordic countries they have much longer maternity leave than us but also high rates of women workers and managers. That is, you can raise children during their early childhood and then also work outside the home in dignified positions (if desired).

In Spain there are 3 bad aspects: socially opting not to raise children, the rate of working women is low (earning less than men for the same jobs) and there is only 10% of directives.

While we only demand and applaud the nurseries, it will not change our deficient labor system or the scarce family assistance.

Let's aim our compass north because we have totally lost it !

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