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Share 15 yoga poses for children

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Yoga has very beneficial effects on children. In addition to providing strength, mobility and elasticity helps them relax and learn to control their own body.

I have been looking for some simple poses to do with my girl in my daily yoga session.

I have found 15 exercises easy to perform that, as a game and incorporating images of nature, you can teach your children.

Yoga is a highly recommended therapy for treating childhood hyperactivity since it works on breathing and helps to relax the nervous system, helping the child to focus on exercise and to calm down.

They also work on balance, motor skills, help them understand the world around them and develop concentration.

As a help, you can see a video on how to do yoga with children and on the website of Susan Kramer, author of numerous books on exercise for children, you will find the 15 postures very well explained.

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