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Share 71 beautiful and original child names for your baby

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

When choosing the name of the baby, many parents think of choosing one that is different from the most popular or classic. Either so that in the future it does not have the same name as other kids of its class or because they want something unique, there are several reasons why choose a name that does not sound so much.

So if you are waiting for a child and you are looking for a different name, surely the list that we will share next will interest you: 71 beautiful and original baby names for your baby .

  • Adal: of German origin, means "sweet and noble".
  • Adel: of Lebanese origin, means "fairness and justice".
  • Adriel: of Hebrew origin, means "man who belongs to the people of God."
  • Alonso: of Germanic origin, means "he who is willing to fight".
  • Amaru: of Quechua origin, is the sacred serpent that represents infinity.
  • Asher: of Hebrew origin, means "happy, blessed".
  • Azai: of Aramaic origin, means "force".
  • Basil: derived from the Greek name Basileios, means "king".
  • Bastian: of Greek origin, is the short form of Sebastian, meaning "venerable".
  • Ciro: of Persian origin, means "young". It was the name of several Kings of Persia.
  • Corban: of Greek origin, means "gift dedicated to God".
  • Dáire: of Irish origin, means "fruitful, fertile".
  • Dante: of Latin origin, means "enduring, resistant".
  • Dorian: of Greek origin, means "gift".
  • Duncan: of Celtic origin, means "black skin fighter."
  • Egan: of Irish origin, means "fire, fiery".
  • Einar: name derived from the old Norse Einarr, which means "a single warrior".
  • Elián: of Greek origin, makes reference to Helios, the god of the sun.
  • Émile: French version of "Emilio", means "rival".
  • Endor: of Hebrew origin, means "fountain of youth".
  • Enzo: Italian name, means "the lord of his home or his homeland".
  • Ezra: means "help" in Hebrew.
  • Farid: Arabic name meaning "unique, incomparable, without equal".
  • Fionn: of Irish origin, means "fair, white".
  • Gadiel: of Hebrew origin, means "God is my fortune".
  • Gael: of Celtic origin, means "generosity".
  • Goran: means "man of the mountain".
  • Guido: of Latin origin, means "wood".
  • Hasani: of Egyptian origin, means "handsome".
  • Ian: Scottish form of John, which means "God is merciful."
  • Ilan: of Hebrew origin, means "tree".
  • Ivar: of Norwegian origin, means "archer".
  • Joel: of Hebrew origin, means "God is their lord".
  • Julian: of Latin origin, means "man of strong roots".
  • Kadet: of Germanic origin, means "combat".
  • Kai: Hawaiian name, means "sauce".
  • Karim: of Arab origin, means "noble, generous".
  • Kilian: of Celtic origin, means "little warrior".
  • Kuno: of Germanic origin, means "clan, family".
  • Lars: derived from Lorenzo, from the Latin "laurus", means "laurels".
  • Lavi: means "lion" in Hebrew.
  • Leonel: of Greek origin, means "the little lion".
  • Lisandro: name of Greek origin meaning "he who liberates."
  • Luc: French name, means "light".
  • Malik: of Arab origin, means "king".
  • Marius: French name, means "man".
  • Milos: of Greek origin, means "pleasant, dear".
  • Mosi: means "firstborn" in Swahili.
  • Nadir: of Arab origin, means "rare and exceptional".
  • Naim: of Arab origin, means "happy".
  • Normand: French name, which means "man of the north".
  • Oliver: of Latin origin, means "he who brings peace".
  • Oriel: of Hebrew origin, means "my light is God".
  • Otto: of Germanic origin, means "wealth, fortune".
  • Pavel: of Latin origin, is the Russian version of "Pablo", which means "small, humble".
  • Pax: of Latin origin, means "tranquility, tranquility".
  • Piero: Italian name, means "small rock".
  • Raziel: of Hebrew origin, means "the guardian of secrets".
  • Rune: derives from the Old Norse rún, means "secret".
  • Sander: derived from Alexander, which comes from Greek origin and means "protector, defender".
  • Sinhué: of Egyptian origin, means "song to peace".
  • Tadeo: of Hebrew origin, means "brave".
  • Teo: short form of Theodore, which means "gift of God".
  • Tristan: diminutive of Drust in old French, means "tumult". It was also the name of a Knight in the legends of King Arthur.
  • Umi: name of native American origin, means "life".
  • Uriel: of Hebrew origin, means "God is light".
  • Yael: of Hebrew origin, means "mountain goat".
  • Yerik: of Russian origin, means "designated by God".
  • Zaid: of Arab origin, means "abundance".

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