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Share Activities at the Madrid Book Fair at the Maphre Children's Pavilion

Mireia Long

The Madrid Book Fair is approaching, one of the most widely accepted cultural events in our geography. It will be held in the Parque del Retiro, from May 29 to June 14, and, as usual, will be the point of presentation of numerous editorial novelties, including those designed for the youngest. This year the Maphre Foundation expands its presence with a Children's Pavilion in which there will be numerous activities designed for children and that will promote the ideology of the institution: social integration and the values ​​of coexistence.

It is presented with a double objective: to foster love for books among the youngest children and to help integrate children with disabilities into society.

The pavilion has been designed without architectural barriers and there you can enjoy fun workshops of music, magic and illustration of stories, among others, as well as activities related to literature and culture, which will serve to convey to all children the importance of values ​​such as friendship, solidarity and tolerance.

Below I detail each workshop, so that you can choose the one that best suits the preferences of your children.

The inventor of stories is an oral narration by Ana García Castellanos that aims to enjoy stories, develop children's comprehension, creative and emotional capacity, knowledge of themselves and others. Expand your vocabulary and awaken your interest in reading.

The princess loved making collections: of butterflies, of dolls. Then I ordered them, from the most important to the least important. Once he decided to collect words. But what is the most important word? Neither the king nor the queen nor the gardener nor the cook agreed. At last, the jester came to the aid of the princess. And thanks to his ingenuity this show is built: the words of the jester are written on cards, which children choose


From them arises a whole collection of unprecedented stories.

Jean Pierre the pirate is a guiñol theater performed by the company Pim, pum, pam that aims to convey the ideas of the value of friendship and personal improvement.

Jean Pierre wants to become a good person and for that the marine animals will help him, but the evil devil will try to change his mind.

The magic pencil will be driven by Gustavo Otero and in it the children will realize a collective monster in the manner of the surrealists. The objectives of the workshop are to stimulate the imagination, develop manual motor skills and collective participation. Creation, and animation to reading.

The workshop begins with a brief performance by the monitor, commenting on his book illustrator activity and telling them the secret of the cartoonists, and his resemblance to the magicians in drawing and magic games. Then between all we will realize a collective monster, they put the head and the monitor the hand.

Crea un muerdepáginas is a manual workshop directed by Patricia Garrido in which children will create a bookmark from a model that they will have to cut out and color.

Magic Comic, also directed by Gustavo Otero is a workshop in which children will make a collective and giant comic, thus promoting their manual skills and collective participation.

The workshop begins with a brief performance by the monitor, commenting on his activity as an illustrator of children's books and how comics are made. All explanations are given with humor and magic games. And then using this technique together we will create a giant comic on the ground

Three books to save the Quixote is a work of guiñol and actors made by Pim, pum, pam that in addition to encourage reading conveys values ​​such as friendship or honesty.

: Sancho Panza asks for help to the book fairy so that he manages to convince, through magic, Don Quixote to read other books that are not cavalry books.

And in this Children's Pavilion of the Maphre Foundation of the Book Fair there will be more ...

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