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Share Adrapo, a program to promote literary learning


As you know, the World Awareness Day on Autism was celebrated last April. A disorder that affects more people than we believe and that require specialized treatment to be able to optimally develop their skills.

For this, more and more information applications are being created and for the new generations of mobiles and tablets that seek to favor this development. Today we want to bring you a little closer Adrapo, a program to promote literacy learning .

ADAPRO is neither more nor less than a text processor that is mainly aimed at those children who have a problem in learning to read and / or write. The attractiveness of this program is that it is very adapted for those more serious cases, besides being quite simple to use.

To help the acquisition of the fundamental bases for a correct learning of reading and writing. The program uses a gallery of pictograms taken from the Arasaac project (a portal that offers graphic resources and materials to facilitate the communication of those with some type of difficulty in this area), converting the text entered into pictograms.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a word processor thanks to a typeface that has been created specifically to help children improve reading comprehension, avoiding visual confusion of some characters of the texts.

Another advantage of Adrapo is that it has virtual keyboards that we can configure to adapt to the needs and individual skills of each user: programs a text predetermined by us when a key is pressed, associating images to different spellings. The imagination of each one is the limit.

It can be used in several operating systems, such as Windows, Apple or Linux, and can be found in several languages ​​(including Spanish). It is highly recommended for use in a variety of educational and family contexts since it can be run from any USB without the need to install it on the computer that will be used.

Adrapo is a program to promote literacy learning that we can find for free and that can surely help more than one family to help their children with the learning difficulties that may arise in our children, especially in cases of Specific Language Disorder o Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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