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Share Upon discovering that their children had stolen some chewing gum, a mother gives them a lesson and publishes the video in networks

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

Imagine that one day you go to the store or to the market with your children, and when you leave you realize that they have taken something without paying it. What would you do if you discover that your son has stolen something? Probably most parents would agree that we should teach them that this is wrong and have them return it, even if it seems shameful to do so.

This was the lesson given by a Mexican mother to her two 3 and 5 year old children, who had each stolen a pack of chewing gum and had them return to the store to return them to the manager, capturing the entire scene in video and sharing it on social networks.

Andrea Muñoz is the mother of two children: Lucas, 3, and Gael, 5. Both children had stolen a pack of chewing gum from a store that had been with her recently, so when she realized what had happened, she He decided to teach them a lesson: stealing is not right.

The mother took them to the store where they had been taken and had them returned and apologized to the employees for having taken the gum without having paid for it. She decided to record the video of that moment, which was published on the Facebook page of the newspaper El Universal.

In the video we can see the manager of the store asking the children what they had taken, and returning the packages of gum and check that they were unopened, he said that this time he would let them pass, but not They must grab nothing without paying.

The children ask for forgiveness between sobs and he replies that he forgives them, but that something like this does not happen again. The mother, to show the seriousness of the action, comments out loud that if that happens again, they will call the police and go to jail, ending with the lesson she wanted to give her children: " stealing is not right " .

The video has received many comments supporting the action of the mother by having her children return the gum that they had taken without paying, because in reality it does not matter the value of what they took, but the fact of having stolen it .

Was it necessary to expose it in networks?

Personally, I consider that the mother's action was good, because on some occasion I found myself in a similar situation and I also made my daughter to apologize for having taken something without paying for it (in our case we were in a candy store and had taken a sweet from a container and I realized when I was eating it).

The person in charge said that nothing happened and even when I tried to pay him he told me to leave it, but I wanted to show my daughter that what she did was not good and what actions like that have consequences.

But where I do not agree is in the fact of publishing the video on social networks. Although you do not look at their children's faces and you are not humiliating them, I consider it unnecessary to record and publish them. I think that as long as our children understand the message and learn the lesson, it is more than enough.

What would you have done?

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