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Eva Paris @paris_eva

Although pregnancy is a natural process, you often have the perception that the pregnant woman is a sick woman and this helps the process of medicalization that occurs frequently and intensely at the time of delivery.

But, although the woman does require care and special monitoring during pregnancy to control the proper development of pregnancy, both pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes.

Luckily, there are more and more medical professionals who throughout the pregnancy consult more personally with women, offering them scientifically proven health recommendations and effectively solving their doubts and concerns. And this despite the cuts in health, which often lead to consultations too short.

There are also more hospitals that, according to this premise, treat the pregnant woman in a more humanized way, making the delivery respected, attending to the requests of the mother and to what the World Health Organization recommends.

It is essential to make childbirth a safer, healthier and more rewarding experience for the mother and the baby, which also has a lot to do with this, although it is often the great forgotten one. Not in the sense of monitoring your health, but of understanding your needs, which are closely linked to your mother.

A few days ago we saw a video in which a newborn baby cried every time they tried to separate him from his mother. The baby may not see much at birth, but feels, senses, and just went through a stressful process.

We know what would be the most welcoming environment for him at birth, and we should favor it. The benefits of skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby are also widely known, and should be encouraged. It is important that the birth is not only a healthy process, but also as rewarding as possible.

Fortunately, step by step, progress is being made in this direction, and more and more medical professionals and hospitals, aware of these facts, claim them and put them into practice.

A personalized and respectful attention, a facilitation of privacy and comfort during the hospital stay and a more humanized delivery is what we would like for more and more women, without distinction of hospitals or countries.

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