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Share Some games that do not require preparation

papaLobo @papaLobox

At home we have a couple of games that every time I see my children directing their "I want that" finger towards them I start to tremble. Because of their size they can not be mounted, well maybe they could be, but then the children would have to sleep on the balcony. Every time you want to play with them you have to spend half an hour looking for pieces in all the boxes where they keep the toys until we can assemble them. And after taking so long to do it, when everything is ready, the desire to play with it has passed and I do not blame them.

Other times I have a lot of things to do and I can only be with them for a few minutes, so I can not entertain myself in mounts or I just can not be 100% in the game. In those moments it is very good to have in mind certain types of games that do not require prior preparation, you just take them out and play or you can leave them playing and you intervene from time to time.

To collect the toys: If the toys are out of place or we have a few chips lying on the floor, why not pick them up with kitchen tongs? We achieve two objectives, that they pick up without protest and that they enjoy a game that is not usual. At least in my house cooking tongs are only used at dinner time.

Everything in its place: They can be buttons, pieces of construction, straws, anything that can be separated by colors, shapes or sizes. Give them some containers and ask them to classify them by colors first and then by size. And it is a game that both the little ones and the older ones like.

Water: A bucket with water, or a couple of them can keep you distracted all afternoon. We just have to be careful where we let them play so we do not go swimming, or who knows, maybe even a little flood of the terrace is fun.

The bag of secrets: It's very simple, a garbage bag, and we put a few things inside. We give it to our children and we ask them to take out a certain object that is inside. If they are small, it would come with that, but of course, older people need other stimuli, so we can describe the object we want as if it were a riddle. I need a little blue being and lives inside a mushroom, can you find it?

A cardboard box: How many times have we given them something that they park shortly after having released it to start playing with the packaging box itself. Just leave them a box and let your imagination do the rest.

The domino: There are many and you can even make one at home, and so we have an afternoon of entertainment. It is a game in which everyone can participate, the older ones joining the dots or colors and the smaller ones simply by putting them in a row or stacking them.

The kitchen utensils: Pans, saucepans and pans, spatulas, tongs, wooden spoons, etc. Let's take everything out and let them decide what they are going to play today. That yes, better not be the most delicate.

Strainers and laces: Surely you have at home a pair of laces or clothesline, even a cable that you no longer use. You can cut them into pieces of a size that prevent them from suffocating by mistake and we can play to put the laces through the holes in the colander (that is, I mean the vegetable).

Plasticine: The classic of all time (together with the cardboard box). Imagination to the power.

Surely you play someone who is not on the list, do you know any new game that does not require preparation?

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