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It happens to me that when I go to buy a gift for my children, I wonder if I will be buying the right toy. If you will like it, if you really pay the quality-price, how long will you play with it before being deposited in the trunk of the memories.

My husband is excited as a child and buys the toy that he would like to have, and I have to persuade him not to buy it mainly because it is not suitable for the age.

The most important factor to consider when buying a toy is the age of the child . The toys must be according to the child's possibilities according to their evolutionary stage. If we give him a toy for an older child, he will surely bore him for complicated, and if it is for younger children he will soon leave it to be simple. We must also take into account the personality, for a very active child may be better suited to a game that helps you focus, if on the contrary is characterized by being shy a game of socialization would help to develop social skills.

A toy should always be fun and interactive . They must be versatile in order to develop creativity, imagination and socialization. We have to avoid those very sophisticated toys because they do not develop fantasy, or those "contemplatives" that become monotonous and the child tends to bore them soon.

Security is also extremely important. The toy must always be safe and comply with the CE regulations that are guaranteed by the symbol on the toy label. You have to look at the material from which they are made and the minimum recommended age. Toys for children under three should never be smaller than their mouth, compact that do not release parts. A toy that passes through a toilet paper cylinder is unsuitable for children under this age.

When choosing a toy we must discard those that incite violence, discrimination by gender, culture, etc. Those that are few practical, difficult to use, and manipulate. Not necessarily the most expensive toy is the best, in the market there is a variety with good quality and fun prices. Giving many toys at once is inadvisable, an excess of them reduces fantasy and causes boredom, in addition to the child learns not to value them. In babies and more | The right toys | Guide to choosing the right toys next Christmas | Criteria for selecting an appropriate toy | The function of toys | At each age, his toy

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