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Share Attention to excess chlorine in swimming pools

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

On the verge of inaugurating the swimming pool season, the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery alerts parents to excess chlorine in swimming pools as it can cause asthma and damage the lungs.

Especially the risk affects young children of two or three years who spend long hours in the pool or go swimming courses in the summer.

"His lungs are still in full development, a period during which his respiratory function is more prone to react in an anomalous way in the presence of an irritating element such as chlorine, " said Dr. Franchek Drobnic. parents should be alarmed more than the bill to the point of prohibiting the pool, but we can control the chlorine level of the pool to which our children come and in any case consult with the pediatrician to take the most appropriate measures.

Via | In Babies and more | Children who abuse swimming pools are more at risk of asthma and allergies