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Share Inflatable and portable baby scale

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

The first months of life we ​​parents are very aware of the weight that our baby gains. And it is natural, since it is one of the parameters that indicate us that it is growing properly.

There are those who choose to install a scale for the baby at home, but the truth is that you have to find space to have it. Duck Image has designed Air Scale, a solution for these cases: a portable balance that inflates and deflates at the touch of a button .

It is a kind of cushion filled with air that is placed on the baby and thanks to pressure sensors that trigger what system, we can know the exact weight of the baby.

Once we have finished using it, it deflates itself and rolls up like an umbrella, which allows it to be stored for the next use.

At the moment it is a concept. The inflatable scale is not yet commercialized, but I find it a practical way to control the growth of babies for both domestic and medical use. Hopefully, it will be available soon.

Via | Tendency