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Share Babies and more wishes you ... Happy Mother's Day!

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

One more year, from Babies and more, we want to wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day, a very special date for women who expect or have children.

Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain on the first Sunday in May, while in most countries of America and Europe it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and in other countries on different dates, also in May. On the other hand, marked days of the rest of the year are celebrated in a few countries.

That is why today we want to pay special tribute to all the mothers who regularly read our blog, done with love by mothers and fathers. From here, we share all kinds of experiences about raising our children and we also learn to grow as people to be better parents.

Today may seem like any day, but it is a special day . Today, more than ever, we celebrate waking up every morning with the affection of our children. Being able to kiss them, hold them and have them with us is the best gift we can hope for, a gift that is impossible to translate into words, that fills us with energy and makes us feel full.

From Babies and more we want to congratulate all the mothers and wish them a good day in the company of your children and those who have the privilege, also of your own mothers and grandmothers. Happy moms day!

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