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Share Beauty of the pregnant woman: forbidden to use essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy


We return to live a period in which there is a return to natural cosmetics, organic products, biological, essential, pure ... They are of high quality and are obtained by natural procedures does not mean they are safe if used poorly . Pregnant women should be careful when using essential oils .

Essential oils are the most concentrated plant extracts that exist. They are obtained only from plants classified as aromatic. These plants not only "release" aroma when we smell them, but also chemical molecules with therapeutic properties.

These plant essences you have to know how to use them for our rituals of beauty and / or relaxation . Many people use them without knowing very well the concentration they have, in which raw material they are mixed and how many drops are enough. Surely you all have a friend or acquaintance known in the subject but I advise you always consult a professional before launching to use.

It is important to know that the use of essential oils in pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy is discouraged. Its purity and concentration can turn out to be too strong and / or irritating for the pregnant woman. The rest of the months of pregnancy should be used with caution and always in small concentrations.

Not all are equal since each one has a specific property. There is a list of the indicated essential oils and essential oils disadvised during pregnancy . You are thinking where this list is and why I do not list it in this post. I did not want to list them because I am convinced of the need for each one of you to consult the ones that suit you with an aromatherapy expert or doctor if you can not spend a period of time.

We all know the virtues of rosehip oil, universally used for skin. As many readers commented in the posts about anti-stretch body treatments, you should use a few drops of the oil added to a milk or body oil, not in a pure state on the skin.

It is very different to use pure essential oil and a cosmetic with essential oils as ingredients of its formula. There lies the great difference. Finally, I would like to clarify that the use of essential oils can be by topical, oral or inhalation . Everything recommended above includes any of these routes of use. Use them well informed by a doctor to take advantage of all their benefits. If you doubt someone, do not use it until you are 100% sure.

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