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Share Reality Snack: Down Syndrome

Armando @armando_bastida

As a result of the post-test of screening for Down Syndrome I have come to mind some memories and some questions and thoughts.

I have remembered a story that marked me a lot, both because of the final result and because of the proximity of it.

Those affected were my cousin and her husband when they became pregnant with their first daughter, Angela. They performed the Triple Screening and the result was a significant risk of Down syndrome . I asked my cousin if she remembers the percentage, but she has forgotten it, despite assuring me that it was high. He was recommended to have an amniocentesis. He refused because of the risk of abortion of the test. They repeated the Triple Screening and the result denied the risk of Down syndrome but it yielded a new number, a new probability. Angela had enough numbers to have spina bifida.

They decided to continue with the pregnancy, they mentalized to love him, whatever happened.

The day of the birth was born Angela, without Down Syndrome, without spina bifida ... evidently the joy was immense, but that was not the crux of the matter. They decided that their baby would be born, and that is why they were not exposed to amniocentesis and their 0.5% risk of abortion, which means that 1 out of every 200 women subjected to the abortion test. It could have been them, they could not have been ...

Until then I had never considered my decision in such a case, what would I do as a father? I remember to decide to myself that no, that the part that concerns me in this decision of couple, my answer would be no . I would not abort.

Then I met my wife, and she told me the same thing. Were not we going to love him the same? Do not they deserve to be born? Do not they deserve to live?

The decisions in this regard, of course, are very personal. Each couple chooses what they consider best. It is true that they are children that require a lot of attention, but ... what child does not require our full attention?!?

All children need our arms, our love, our understanding and our dialogue. Everyone has different rates of growth and development. It is in our power to understand that any child, whether they have Down syndrome or not, deserves an opportunity in life to give and receive love.

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