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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

During the first four years, the child shapes his own personality. Therefore, the role of parents at this stage is essential to get our children to have a positive self-esteem, be self-confident, independent and free.

For this, one of the keys of education is to know how to promote its autonomy that allows it to explore, know and investigate the world around it, something essential for personal growth.

One of the advice of the experts is not to have the child in a small glass box for fear of staining or being hit. That is, do not overprotect it. On the contrary, we must encourage our children to develop their inborn needs to explore with the confidence that mom and dad will always be there to accompany him.

One of the first things we must try is to provide a warm family atmosphere, which provides security for the child to feel that he steps on safe.

When the baby begins to move by his own means crawling and later walking around the house, we must ensure that he has full freedom for exploration. We must remove or protect any potential danger of your way (plugs, stairs, furniture with tips, dangerous objects, etc) so you can feel comfortable and to roam at ease on the ground.

This way we will avoid being all the time waiting for damage to be done, leaving it to investigate and even transgress certain norms, but always with security.

It is also important to congratulate him when he achieves small achievements. Our approval and our praise are small rewards of the day to day that motivate them to move forward.

When we play with them, we should not do things for them, but with them. The complicity that is established when accompanying them in the game helps to reinforce their autonomy, as well as playing with other children their age.

When you play, just as in everyday situations, let him make small decisions in order to stimulate his own ability to choose and decide.

In addition, toys are fundamental tools for the acquisition of autonomy. In a previous post I have already told you which are the most stimulating toys for each stage of development. Through the game they can know the world around them and strengthen their skills to be a little more independent every day.

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