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Armando @armando_bastida

I do not say anything new when I say that toys have an almost exorbitant price. Formerly, in our childhood, serious, big and expensive toys were those that were announced with a subtitle that read something like "this toy is valued at more than 5, 000 pesetas".

Currently, the toy that does not fall below 30 euros is strange. The computer of Pocoyo, for example, has a price of between 38 and 45 euros according to the store and for this reason I bring you the possibility of making a homemade Pocoyo computer . It is so homemade that it is made with a box of Dodot wipes to which a template with images of Pocoyo is attached.

It does not make noise, it is not interactive, it does not have lights, but it allows children to develop their imagination by playing with it. The recommended age (I look like a toy professional) is 2-3 years, when they already know the character and they know (more or less) what a computer is and when they have not yet reached an age when they prefer to manipulate toys with which they can interact .

Necessary material

  • Box of Dodot Wipes
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Computer and printer
  • Glue stick
  • Template


We choose the box of Dodot wipes that we want (we usually have more than one and different colors).

We downloaded Pocoyó's home computer template and printed it. The top of the paper is equivalent to the screen and the bottom of the paper is a keyboard with the numbers from 1 to 9 (and 0) and the five vowels.

We cut both parts of the paper and glue stick to the box. To play!

With this you will have a homemade Pocoyo computer at almost zero cost (you pay for the paper and the ink), which has as a peculiarity the ability to store things when opening the box.

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