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Share How to make a Christmas wreath with gifts

Caro Ferrer @@ CocinadCarolina

Bored with the typical Christmas wreaths to decorate your house doors? The truth is that there are hundreds of options that you can do yourself at a price much cheaper than you can find on the street.

In addition, this original Christmas wreath made with gift boxes, you can make together with your son a cold winter afternoon in front of the fireplace ...

As simple as taking some empty cardboard boxes (a good way to recycle) and wrapping them with Christmas wrapping paper.

Necessary stuff to make the Christmas wreath

  • Cardboard (can be a piece of cardboard box, flat)
  • Some large round element that serves as a template
  • Felt strips
  • cardboard boxes (you can recycle cereal boxes, sugar, cookies ... whatever you have at home)
  • Different wrapping papers that you can create yourself
  • Scissors
  • Zeal
  • Ropes

How the Christmas wreath is made

  1. The first thing is to draw a circle on the cardboard, then draw another inside so that the crown is half a span width.
  2. We cover it with felt strips and we tie a knot on top to then hang the crown of the door.
  3. We wrap the gift boxes and stick them as we see them on top of each other overlapping.

With this craft you can teach your child to wrap gifts and make bows and knots.

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