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Eva Paris @paris_eva

With some frequency we notice in our pages the withdrawal of the market of toys and other children's products that pose a risk to health. And we wonder how it is possible that some of those dangerous items are for sale on the shelves of stores.

The problem is not so much in domestic products, which usually follow strict safety regulations (although here there are also "lapses"), but in that you can not control all the product that enters our borders from other countries. There are so many entry ways and so much merchandise volume, that it is impossible to review each of the, say, toy containers.

In addition, many of the defective products, mostly from Asian countries, bypass controls to enter Europe, a process that can take weeks, even months, to receive the seal of quality of the European Union (which, on the other side, it is also falsified).

This is why it is often the consumer who encounters the dangerous product in a store, and that is why authorities and consumer organizations have to go to these stores to verify that the toys are adequate and follow the safety rules. These are periodic checks in which dangerous items are always removed.

But of course, also in this case it is impossible to go through all the shops, toy stores, "all-a-hundred" stores ... and indeed, dangerous toys "slip" and, what is worse, they can not be detected until they cause a hurt a child.

In addition, according to the Valencian Association of Consumers and Users (AVACU), there are new consumption habits that encourage us to take home cheaper products (buy more quantity, for less money).

And many of the products sold at low prices confirm the saying that the cheap is expensive: they have many shortcomings, such as pieces that break off easily, lack of labels or labeling in foreign languages ​​or in unintelligible Spanish ...

We, as consumers exposed to these risks, must check that the labeling is correct and follow these safety tips. Faced with this panorama, it is not surprising that in Europe there are campaigns to promote the purchase of safe toys.

It seems that no one is safe and until they can not prevent dangerous toys from reaching the market, we must follow all the safety recommendations and demand that more strict and frequent regulations and controls be established.

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