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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

It is a question that worries enough to the future mothers, especially to the gilts. But there are very clear signs that will make you recognize that the time has come to take the bag and leave for the hospital.

In the previous days you will notice some signs that indicate that the day is approaching, as the belly goes down because the baby has been fitted, you will have felt more regular contractions (without being still the real contractions of childbirth) and may have detached the mucous plug, an indication that the cervix has begun to dilate.

Will I be in labor?

There are two unequivocal symptoms that labor has begun, before any of them you will have to go to motherhood: the rhythmic and regular contractions and / or the rupture of the bag. The two things can occur or only one of them.

1) Labor contractions

The first are the rhythmic and regular contractions . Although you have had contractions before (contractions of Braxton Hicks), now you will realize that they are the true labor contractions because, unlike a false contraction, they are repeated regularly and each time the time between them is shortened.

If it's your first child, you should go to the hospital when they repeat more or less every five minutes for more than an hour . If you have already had a baby, it is preferable that you go before, when you notice that they start to be regular.

They are getting stronger and, therefore, more painful. The pain increases in intensity as the dilation becomes more evident, and the contractions last longer and longer (between 30 and 70 seconds).

It is possible that at some point the expulsion of the mucous plug, sometimes bloody, is not a sign of imminent birth, but it does mean that the neck has begun to dilate. In some cases, the plug is expelled a few days before labor contractions begin.

2) Bag or water break

The other obvious sign that your baby will be born soon is the rupture of the bag or water. You will feel a hot liquid that wet your legs, as if you were peeing on top of it. It is also possible that a fissure occurs in the bag, so it will not be an abundant jet, but you will notice a trickle of liquid.

Sometimes the membranes break before a woman goes into labor. Surely, if they have not already started, you will start having contractions in the next few hours.

It is very important that you observe the color of the water in the bag to know the time you have to get to motherhood. If it is transparent, whitish or even pink, it indicates that everything is going well and you have enough time to change quietly, pick up your bag and leave. On the other hand if you see that it has a yellowish, greenish or blackish color, go without delay and tell your doctor.

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