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Armando @armando_bastida

In Babies and more we have talked several times about the Chinese calendar to know the sex of the baby, the Mayan table, which has the same purpose and even the phases of the moon to know when babies were going to be born.

These are calendars or tables of consultation with which we can know (in theory) what the sex of our baby will be based on the age of the mother and the moment in which she developed her baby.

Recently a PC program has appeared whose name is Chinese Calendar 1.0 that works like a Chinese table. You download it (it's free of viruses, I've checked it), install it on your computer, run it and, simply adding the age of the mother and the month in which the baby was conceived, we have in a moment the sex of our baby .

The problem is that the Chinese table has no scientific evidence or, in fact, too much logic. It is quite absurd to believe that the month in which a baby is gestating, or the age of the mother in such or such a month can make the sex of the baby one or the other.

Sure the program hits a lot of times the sex of the baby, but it sure fails in the same proportion, basically because the chances of hitting are the same as if we flip a coin to get the same information: if it comes face is a child If it comes out cross is a girl .

The program itself does not have much mystery, it is simple but effective. One catch that I see is that it contains misspellings: "At what age did you join?". "Enbarasaste" should be replaced by "embarrassed" in version 1.1, I hope.

If you want to try it you can download it on the website How to know the sex of my baby, although I would rather have called it "How to play to guess the sex of my baby", because basically this is only done as curiosity, to play .

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