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Share Appropriate child footwear, preserve the health of your children


One aspect that perhaps is not taken into account but that contributes to children's health is the footwear worn by children . Aware of this are the specialists of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, said institute has been working for 30 years continuously looking for new formulas that favor health, biomechanical needs or comfort aspects in children through the footwear that accompanies them from their first steps.

The Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia is responsible for informing footwear manufacturers about the healthy aspects that certain designs can confer on children. Now, in order to favor and guarantee the best qualities in shoes and sports shoes, specialists will analyze various samples existing in the market.

The footwear can not be the same in any of the stages of a child's development, their feet change in size, hardness, needs vary, etc., inadequate shoes can cause health problems, a reason to take into account at the time of acquiring the shoes for our children. It is important that they are not very expensive because of the short time they will use, but they must fulfill the necessary functions and provide adequate comfort. All aspects of a shoe must be extremely careful, perfect finishes to prevent chafing, the necessary cushioning to prevent foot impacts with the floor, a suitable slip-resistant sole or adequate thermal comfort to prevent excessive sweating that leads to certain diseases In the feet.

It is very important that the comfort that children need during their development is adequately covered, just as we take care that they are warm when it is cold to prevent them from getting sick, we must provide them with the right shoes so that their feet develop healthy and collaborate in the proper functioning musculoskeletal

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