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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

We have taught several desks several times for the room of the little ones. This time, in Decoesfera we present Can-Can, a compact desk for children of Brazilian design.

Baita Design has created this desk called Can-can ("can" means tin in English) inspired by its shape of can, jar or jar, since at first sight it looks like a colorful can that when opened becomes an improvised desk.

As we have said many times, functionality is a detail that can not be missing in children's furniture. The desk, while sitting to paint or play, also serves to keep small toys.

Thanks to its compact design, it has the advantage that it is ideal for small spaces, because when closing it occupies very little space in any corner of the nursery, and we can also place things inside.

Another point in favor is security, being perfect as a first desk because when rounded it has no corners with which the child can hit. And finally, the one I like the most is its color. They are striking and make any environment happy.

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