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Share Carnival: five last-minute DIY costumes for kids

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

This weekend the Carnival parties are celebrated, so if you still do not have results how your child will go we suggest five last minute DIY costumes for the kids .

The idea is that they are fun and you can solve them with things that you have at home, or even if you have to go out and buy a couple of things, do not spend too much money. And most importantly, you spend a fun time making the costume with the children. Sure you have precious.

A nice turtle

For babies who still do not know how to walk, a fun option is to disguise them as turtles . It sounds complicated but it is not absolute. You only need leather, brown or black leotards, a green body (if it has a better camouflage) and most importantly, what will give personality to the costume: a shell.

You can do it with a piece of resistant cardboard that you will have to draw and color simulating the shell of a turtle. Make sure that the measure is suitable so that the baby is not uncomfortable and stick a ribbon to tie it to the back. Seen in Parenting.

Costume of one of the three little pigs

Ideal as a last minute costume. You need tights or tights, pink T-shirt and pink dance shoes. For the ears you need a headband to which you will stick two felt ears, also roses, and for the nose a plug with a button stuck on top and two straps to tie it.

The final touch, and tender, it gives a blanket in which you will wrap the piglet. In Real Simple you can find a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Little animals of the forest

In the Whipup blog we are given a mask pattern to print and cut out . It is a base to which we can add details such as ears, whiskers or horns, depending on the animal we choose.

You only have to print, cut and then decorate the mask of the forest animal that your little one likes. A bunny, a deer, a fox .... Here the protagonist is the mask, so to dress them it is enough with a cowboy and a brown shirt.

A mime with personality

This proposal is inspired by the great Marcel Marceau and consists of turning the child into a mime . It is very simple.

You need a black and white striped shirt, although it can also be black, a black bowler hat and here the fundamental thing so that the costume is a success is the makeup.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

I've fallen in love with this sweet Little Red Riding Hood that I've seen in Nina, a blog with the most original ideas for parties, and by the way, beautiful photos.

It is simple to perform if you have a dress with a red print. You only have to make the hooded cloak with a piece of red felt and sew a white satin ribbon to make the loop. As a complement, a wicker basket and our Little Red Riding Hood is ready.

I hope you have enjoyed our proposals and that they inspire you to solve at the last moment the carnival costume of your kids . You will tell us.

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