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Share Carnival: four ideas of themed parties for children

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Carnival is approaching, a good excuse to mount a themed party for the kids full of color and fun. The slogan: come in disguise, of course, and eager to have fun.

You can gather a few children and spend an afternoon of the most entertaining, so we propose four ideas of Carnival themed parties for children .

1) Superheroes and superheroines

The superhero parties are not just for children, girls can also have a great time, so we propose a themed party of superheroes and superheroines .

In this case, dressing up can be part of the party. Buy pieces of felt in different colors so that children can create their own layers and masks . For decoration, print posters of "Punch", "Pow" (typical of comics), or better, make them children, and stick them on the walls.

To offer the children something sweet, make these authentic "suck-heroes" with mask and cape. In Zakka Life you have a printable to cut and paste. To present them, you can place them inside a boat or nail them in a piece of poliespan.

2) Cowboys of the Wild West

Cowboys and cowgirls. Fun and easy to prepare with cardboard boxes recreating a town in the Far West. Hats, dusty boots, vests, plaid shirts, Sheriff stars, scarves around the neck ...

I also propose to make a craft during the party: with broomsticks, a sock, buttons and wool children can make their own horse . To decorate, hang a poster of Wanted for children to play funny pictures. Then you can print them and take them as souvenirs.

3) Good Indians

Following the idea of ​​the Wild West, we propose a party for Indians, but beware, good Indians. If you go through you can make some teepees with sticks and a piece of cloth, but the cardboard boxes can always become one.

Propose the children to make their own headbands of Indians . You just have to get some pens, staple them to some cardboard strips and they're ready. If you want to go further, put them to make rain sticks.

4) The wonderful world of the Circus

Dancers, strongmen, jugglers, trapeze artists, magicians, clowns ... the possibilities are endless, you just have to let the imagination fly.

You can not miss the clown's noses and the games with hoops. In this case, the proposal goes hand in hand with baking: propose to the children decorate cupcakes as clowns .

We hope you have enjoyed the four ideas of Carnival themed parties for children that we have given you. It's just to inspire you, but there are many more options that you can shuffle according to the place you have at home and what your little one prefers.

I encourage you to invite some children (they do not have to be too many, 6-8 is enough) and celebrate a Carnival party this weekend . Yes, with the condition that you also disguise yourself.

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