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Armando @armando_bastida

There is nothing left for Carnival, so most likely you already have the costumes or, at least, the idea of ​​what you will wear. If for whatever reason, such as having children, the days go by and the weeks seem like days, and the carnival has been thrown at you, it may be a good idea to look for a common theme for the whole family, which makes it a bit easier to do or look for a disguise.

That's why we show you some pictures with costumes for the whole family, so that dads, moms and sons are the same, or similar, and together you do even more fun than if you disguise yourself separately from different things (which is also not bad, eye).

Jedi Family

It is very helpful because who else who least knows the Jedi universe . Clothing is not from the other world, it can be done with blankets. The only problem is that each one will need a lightsaber. The little one in the house can also be Master Yoda or Darth Vader, who will make more fun.

Flintstones Family

Very simple too. Simply take fabrics with animal style and start riding tunics or dresses in the style of the family of Fred Flintstone . I do not recommend dressing the child so light of clothes, because here we are in winter. We put more cloth, we wrap it well and we have a great Flintstones.

Pirate Family

Almost all children like pirates, so I'm sure they'll be happy if the family goes on a "piratil" theme. There are many pirate costumes at a good price in stores, so just make a mix of them all and go all thematized. You can also buy the whole pirate family, which in this case we have seen in Bacanal.

Family Snow White

The stories also give much of themselves, so you can disguise for example Snow White Family, being the protagonist the girl, or the mother, or both, or one of them the witch, and dad and the child two of the dwarves, or the little prince, whatever you want.

Surgeons family

The professions also give a lot of themselves at the time of disguising themselves, and the doctors, with their white and green coats and their various utensils give a lot of themselves. That is why we can disguise the whole family of a full team of surgeons and professional assistant, prepared for any emergency intervention. The one you see in the photo we've seen in Vegaoo.

Family Walking Dead

Not very advisable if you have scary children, unless the characterization is more shabby than the ones in the photo, that the costumes have been worked on based on good. The girls also give a little thought to what, so it all depends on how your children are trained and how motivated they are to make the living dead .

Family of knights and maidens

Gentlemen and maidens, or princesses, also tend to like children too, so there are also options for the whole family in order to look newly brought from the medieval era. We have seen this family group in Bacanal.

Viking family

This is also the sea of ​​rescue, because once you have the horn helmet it is only a matter of adding some hairy details and the whole Viking family is ready. A good excuse to go warm with the voice of tough people.

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