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Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Carnival is approaching, a date in which we want to have fun and disguise, but the situation is not to spend too much. That is why we have taken a tour of the net to look for inspiration and we have made a compilation of what for us are the ten best DIY costumes (do it yourself) for children .

Some have a higher level of difficulty, others are very simple, but you can all do them at home with easy-to-get materials. It only takes some patience, a lot of creativity ... and the most fun: you can do it with the kids. So get to work!

American football player and ball: costume for siblings

A fun idea for siblings, when there is an older child and a baby, is the one I have seen in The Patriotic Peacock. It is a disguise of an American football player embracing his ball.

For the older child you will need some white tights, socks on the outside, a soccer or rugby shirt to which you will sew shoulder pads, the face painted, and if you get, a helmet. For the baby, a brown body to which you have to sew or stick an applique imitating the seam of the ball.

Sushi costume à la carte

It is the latest fashion in gastronomy, so you can turn your little one into a nice piece of sushi as they teach us in The Cheese Thief. Do not tell me it's not the most original?

You have to have minimal sewing notions, but it's not difficult. You need a piece of orange felt or fabric and a bit of white to make the stripes of the prawn. It consists of making a small cushion, which you will attach to the back with a black belt or tape. The child has to wear a shirt and tights or white pants imitating a rice roll.

UP's character costume

The film is no longer a novelty, but the Up character's disguise is so original that it is still current among the favorites.

How to do it? The basket is made with a decorated cardboard box and four thin rods to which you have to tie a few colored balloons, which are the true protagonists of the costume. It is creative and sure that your little one does not go unnoticed at the Carnival party.

To know the instructions step by step, you can check the Country Living website.

Rainy cloud costume

It is complicated to make a disguise of a meteorological phenomenon, but we have loved it as they have solved it in Rare DIY with this rainy cloud.

You need to sew a bib in the form of a cloud, or another variant is to cut two cards in the form of a cloud and paste cotton balls. Then you have to join them with two strips to pass through the head. For the rain, you need some tights or cotton pants to which you paint some blue drops. What do you think?

Owl Costume

Owls can also be seen everywhere. They are beautiful and there are hundreds of variants to make an owl costume, but we have chosen the Alpha Mom, where you can see the step by step and download the pattern.

You will need, in addition to a lot of patience to sew the feathers, a black shirt or body to which you will sew small pieces of fabric in the form of waves in different shades. To complement it, you can make or print an owl mask from the internet.

Costume of Princess Ariel

Similar to the previous, although somewhat more complicated, is this beautiful mermaid costume that we are taught to do in The Sewing Rabbit.

You need a dance jersey, a wig and a bodice. The tail is pure sewing work, so if you are good at it, or not so much, you have a video tutorial that teaches you how to do it.

Clown costume

One of the most colorful and at the same time simple to make is this clown costume that I have seen in Oh Happy Day, where you can find all the instructions.

What you will need, which will be the basis of the suit, is a striped pajamas of various colors. To that you will have to add the fists and neck characteristic of clowns (who also teach you to do on the web), a bonnet and, of course, the classic red nose.

I hope you liked the DIY costume proposals that we have selected for your kids to be the feeling of Carnival parties.

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