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Share 'House of the stars': this is how children define their universe

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

It is very funny, as well as revealing about how they see the world, listening to definitions of the little ones. This is what Javier Naranjo, author of the book 'House of the stars: the universe told by children', has done for ten years , in which almost 500 definitions of children full of poetry and wisdom are compiled.

It is a very particular dictionary that leaves us perplexed by its logic, with definitions such as: " Adult : Person who speaks in everything, first she" (Andrés Felipe Bedoya, 8 years old) or " Church : Where one will forgive God "(Natalia Bueno, 7 years old) .

Naranjo, poet and workshop worker, worked as a teacher in rural schools in Colombia and had the opportunity to be hand in hand with the children. He has not wanted to change any of his definitions, more than spelling mistakes, since the essence of each definition lies also in the way of explaining it.

There are definitions that move like the tranquility of Blanca Yuli Henao, 10 years old: "For example, the father tells him that he is going to hit him and then tells him no longer" .

In 'House of the stars: the universe told by children' we can find more words explained by children as:

  • Elder : He is a man who stays seated all day (Maryluz Arbeláez, 9 years old)
  • Water : Transparency that can be taken (Tatiana Ramírez, 7 years old)
  • Blanco : White is a color that does not paint (Jonathan Ramírez, 11 years old)
  • Peasant : A peasant has no house, no money. Only his children (Luis Alberto Ortiz, 8 years old)
  • Cielo : Where the day comes (Duván Arnulfo Arango, 8 years old)
  • Colombia : It is a football match (Diego Giraldo, 8 years old)
  • Money : Something of interest for others with which they become friends and not have this, makes enemies (Ana María Noreña, 12 years old)
  • God : It's love with long hair and powers (Ana Milena Hurtado, 5 years old)
  • Envy : Throw stones at friends (Alejandro Tobón, 7 years old)
  • Luna : It's what the night gives us (Leidy Johanna García, 8 years old)
  • Mother : Mother understands and then goes to sleep (Juan Alzate, 6 years old)
  • Darkness : It's like the freshness of the night (Ana Cristina Henao, 8 years old)
  • Peace : When one forgives (Juan Camilo Hurtado, 8 years old)
  • Loneliness : Sadness that sometimes gives to one (Iván Darío López, 10 years old)
  • Time : Something that happens to remember (Jorge Armando, 8 years old)
  • Universe : House of the stars (Carlos Gómez, 12 years old)
  • Violence : Bad party of peace (Sara Martínez, 7 years old)

Of course, we have to listen more to children, because their way of understanding the world helps adults to realize how much we can learn from them.

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