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Share Cesarean section: a pioneering initiative of the Hospital Vall d'Hebron

Karmen Pascual @@ aylakarmela

We talk skin-to-skin contact with the baby from the minute zero, that the father or the companion can cut the umbilical cord, that mom can breastfeed in the same operating room and even help her baby to be born


And many other innovations in the protocol of these interventions that humanize more the birth and give prominence to women. That is the goal to achieve, according to WHO recommendations.

To better understand this new project, called cesarean section, in which the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona is an international pioneer, we spoke with Dr. Elena Carreras, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the center and promoter of this initiative.

Pioneer initiative

According to Dr. Carreras, "the idea came at the request of the mothers, who asked us to choose their birth and enjoy the birth of their children, even if it was in an operating room."

In the United States, for example, we already work on 'family cesarean' or 'humanized' that allow the presence of the father and offer a more personalized delivery, but it is the first time that all the possibilities are developed together and a specific protocol is elaborated to facilitate that immediate contact between the parents and the baby. "Although it has only been two months underway, there is a previous work of about two years behind", he clarifies.

"In fact, " he adds, " the term 'Pro-C-section' is a mother's merit . I asked him to name the caesarean section that we had just performed, because it was the first one. "

What is the cesarean section?

It is a surgical intervention and therefore safety for the baby and the mother must prevail. In addition, " the cesarean section should only be performed when strictly necessary, not by protocols. But from there they can afford licenses, "explains the promoter of the idea.

  • When it is a surgery, the woman must wear electrodes. They are placed on the back, not on the chest.
  • The heart rate monitor, also necessary, can be put on the toe, instead of on the hand.
  • The same happens with the pressure magnet, which is located on one leg and not on the arm.
  • The three-step key to deliver medication by way, if necessary, is close to the drip, so that you do not have to constantly manipulate the mother's hand when you have your child in your arms.

  • The curtain is removed and the mother can see how her son is born and even help to take it out and hold it in her arms.

  • It can be accompanied at all times and the father or whoever wishes can cut the umbilical cord when it stops beating.

  • And throughout the birth, with the music and the light that the mother decides.
  • From the medical point of view, the difference is that the obstetrician puts on long gloves up to the armpits, of a higher size, above the normal ones to work with the parents. Once the family is happy with their newborn, the medical team draws the curtain, removes the extra gloves and continues with the surgical development.

All are benefits in humanized childbirth

International studies show that the humanized cesarean section is no less safe: there is no more risk of bleeding, infections or other types of complications, and instead mothers feel much better attended and enjoy their delivery.

According to Dr. Elena Carreras, taking care of the emotional aspect of cesarean section and favoring the bond has many advantages. The most immediate:

  • It facilitates breastfeeding. Traditionally, in caesarean sections, milk takes longer to leave, but when the baby is breast-fed since minute zero, it is established as in a vaginal delivery.

  • The mother is happier and transmits that positive emotion to her son.

The head of Obstetrics Hospital Vall d'Hebron feels very satisfied by the reaction of mothers in the two months that has been running this project, but says he is not surprised "because we already expected it."

What it does highlight "is the great reception it has had among professionals. It requires more effort but the parents are so happy that they encourage the doctors and make them feel satisfied. It's been a long process, but it's been worth it. "

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