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papaLobo @papaLobox

I have to recognize one thing, and it is the inventive capacity in the United States for nonsense like this, which in the end gives hours of fun, tends to infinity.

I suppose that the vast majority of children over 2 years of age have a bicycle, and I am sure many of them will spend hours over it playing with their friends. It is the perfect combo, fun and sport. Surely many of them love to draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Well now I bring you a, as you might call it, a new sport. The Chalktrail: circulating leaving a trace.

This contraption consists of an adapter for a chalk, size King Size shake, which is hooked on the bike so that when going around we are leaving a trail of chalk, our fingerprint.

I can think of a great game of skill to make a previous drawing on the floor and then go over it with our Chalktrail, or simply follow the trail of the one in front or, why not, play Tron.

As you can see in the video or on its website, this device is very simple to install and is adaptable to almost any bike .

Do you encourage yourself with the Chalktrail, to circulate leaving a trace ?

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