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Share Jackets with GPS for children in Great Britain


It is not about losing privacy, not in the case of children, but people locators are increasingly requested and in more formats. In Babies and more we talked about the Childguard bracelets, the Domoblue M2M People, the increase in sales of mobile phones with GPS for children and other gadgets. We have also wondered if the microchips that take care of our children can be a danger.

The abductions and disappearances of children are daily in the news, parents are scared of the dangers that our children run, and this causes that this type of devices do not stop to increase, now we know that in Great Britain it will go on sale a jacket (or vest) with GPS that will allow parents to know precisely where their children are .

This garment has been designed by the company Blade Runner, who provides the clothing for Scotland Yard and the British secret services. It has a digital electronic GPS detector with a range of 15 hours thanks to the battery that it incorporates. This technology will not be available to everyone, because in addition to the approximately 350 euros it has, it has a monthly fee of around 14 euros for the satellite connection. This sends updated information on the location of the child who carries the garment every ten seconds.

The system is simple, it is not necessary a software, only to create a user in a web page, once connected when leaving home, pick up the disposition of the person in any part of the world with a radius of four apples.

Another application that can be given is that children have an alarm trigger in case of being in danger or having problems.

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