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Sharing Five pregnant workmates at the same time: the story that shows pregnancy is contagious

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

When a woman becomes pregnant, there is a double chance that other women around her as co-workers, sisters or friends, will also become pregnant in the following year. This has been confirmed by a study that ensures that pregnancy is contagious where they analyzed the behavior of 42, 000 women in 7, 600 companies.

This is precisely what happened at the Franklin pediatric center in Ohio (United States), but also increased. No less than five women out of a total of 23 staff members are pregnant at the same time and expect their babies for the next few months.

Jessica was the first to announce it, Anni was second, then Meghan, and Kathy thought it would be her last until a few weeks ago when Stephanie announced she would be a mother in November.

The first baby arrived earlier than expected, on June 2, and was received by all with great joy, thus inaugurating the baby-boom births.

For all are their first children. It is logical to think that in a group of women around thirty, many of them are thinking of starting a family, but it is really curious that almost 25 percent of the staff of a company become pregnant at the same time . Has something similar happened to you?

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