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Share Five things you can do to help when you visit a recent mother

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

The first days of returning home with the baby can be complicated. Between attending to that new little person, adapting to the change of routine and schedules, and also continuing with most of our usual activities, those first weeks after the birth of the baby can become chaotic and eternal, especially for the new mother.

So if you're looking for a way to help a new mother when you visit her at home, we share some things you can do for her.

Regardless of whether you are your partner, your mother, your sister, your friend or someone close to the new mother, there are different things you can do for her. Whether you're visiting or living with her, the first few days are the heaviest and most confusing in this beautiful and unpredictable adventure called maternity.

Maybe there are some things you can not do for her, like breastfeeding the baby, but there are certainly other activities that you can support her with. We share some ideas

Make him food

If there is something that we often leave for later when we are mothers, it is eating. Between the sleepless nights, attending to the baby and looking for each precious moment to rest, there is no time left to think about what to cook. So one nice touch (and one less concern for her) is preparing and taking food .

It can be a plate of your favorite food, or it can be a recipe that you can make in large portions that you can freeze individually, so that you have food ready for several days.

Help her sort and clean the house

At home is where we can see the reflection of how chaotic these first weeks with the baby at home can be. So remove one more from that long list of slopes and help the new mom to be in a clean and orderly environment .

From simple tasks such as taking out the garbage or ordering the papers, to tasks that take a little more time such as sweeping or washing and folding clothes, she will thank you very much more than if you brought a gift to her or the baby (which they are also very much appreciated).

Take care of the baby so he has time for her

I remember that those first days, for which less time or energy was needed to bathe me. I was so exhausted, that I preferred to take those valuable free minutes while my daughter took a nap to sleep.

So when you visit, offer to take care of the baby so that she can bathe, take a nap or if she wants to do something to pamper herself, like painting her nails or putting on a mask. Mom also deserves a little pampering and will help lift her spirits .

Keep her company

While there will be days when we prefer to be alone and quiet without visitors, being locked up all day can be lonely even if you are with the baby. You can visit or accompany her and simply let her know you are there for her and for what she needs.

No recent mother should spend much time alone or feel alone, because in those early days the hormones make us live a roller coaster of emotions and it is best to be accompanied .

Listen to it, support it and do not judge it

This is one of the most important points, which goes hand in hand with keeping you company. Nobody is born knowing how to be a mother and the first weeks (or years!) With a child can be very confusing. It is common to feel that we are not doing things well or have won because we feel exhausted.

In addition to accompanying her, let her know that you are there to listen and support her, and that she can tell you with total freedom and without fear of being judged, all those fears and concerns she has about her new role as a mother.

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