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Share Five big concerns of pregnant women in the second trimester: do you feel identified?

Silvia Díaz @madreaventura

The second trimester of pregnancy ranges from weeks 13 to 26, and although it is usually characterized as the most tranquil and relaxed period of gestation (the mother has more energy and is usually better than in the first weeks), usually our concerns, doubts and fears do not leave us.

It is possible that the original anxiety of the beginning calms down as the weeks go by, but in this new stage other worries and feelings may appear very different from those of the first trimester. Today we tell you what are the most common fears in this period of gestation.

Is my baby developing well?

Between week 18 and 22 we are facing one of the most anticipated, exciting and feared tests of pregnancy : the morphological ultrasound of the 20 weeks.

This imaging test usually lasts longer than other control ultrasounds and aims to identify possible fetal malformations, both serious and mild, as well as analyze the placenta, amniotic fluid, heart and other internal organs of the baby, and their movements.

This ultrasound usually causes a lot of anxiety because we fear that they will tell us something is not right. It is normal to feel some fear, and the heart to go at full speed while the doctor passes the transducer through our gut.

But my recommendation is that you relax and try to live fully this "encounter" with your baby. Also, if you want to know, it is likely that you leave the consultation knowing the sex of your child.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Personally, I never cared to know if the baby I was expecting was a boy or girl (for the third I even decided that I did not want to know), but I know many women for whom the sex of their future baby is a concern, and some even wait with I look forward to your preferences being met.

And if this does not happen maybe you will get to experience a certain "disappointment" (to call it somehow) that will even increase when you hear the unfortunate comments of the environment, and the incomprehension of those who do not understand your position, and it manifests it to you inappropriate way

If you are living this situation, do not blame yourself for feeling sad or disappointed if the sex of your baby is not what you expected. Pregnancy is an authentic rollercoaster of emotions, and the small "disappointment" you feel now will be sooner than you think.

Will I have gestational diabetes?

And if the ultrasound of the 20 weeks is a cited and expected by all mothers, the O'Sullivan test is usually the opposite, and becomes one of the most detested tests.

It is usually done between weeks 24 and 28, however, in some specific cases (depending on the age of the woman and her background) it could be indicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.

And I say that it is one of the most detested dates, because apart from being a long and boring test, if the woman continues with nausea or with the stomach upset, the bottle of glucose that you have to drink may not sit quite well. In addition, there is always the fear that the results will be altered and we have to face this test for the second time to rule out gestational diabetes.

The best thing is to arm yourself with patience and face this test in a relaxed way and trusting that everything will turn out well.

Will I be getting too fat?

In my opinion, there is too much pressure on the weight that the woman should gain during pregnancy, and the time to get on the scale when we go to consultation sometimes we live it as if it were an exam.

Each pregnant woman is different, has different circumstances and physical characteristics, so far from generalizing about the weight that the woman should take in each trimester, personalized recommendations should be offered and adapted to each specific case.

And although it is very important to take care of yourself, do not fall into the false myth of "eating for two", and ensure a healthy diet, if the weight obsesses you or generates a certain anxiety, my recommendation is that you talk to your doctor or midwife.

Fear of hurting the baby

Although this concern we already saw in the post of the first trimester, usually the fear of hurting the baby is something that worries us throughout the pregnancy, although as the pregnancy progresses the reasons may vary.

One of the biggest concerns at this stage, in which the little girl is already beginning to appear and we begin to notice our little one, is if we can have sexual relations with our partner without harming the baby.

Unless the doctor says otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe (and even beneficial!), And you do not have to worry about whether this can cause discomfort to your baby, since he is protected inside his amniotic bag.

And before we want to give an account we will have reached week 26 and with it the third quarter, which will be plagued by new doubts that we will deal with later. And you, do you feel identified with these common fears in the second quarter? Would you add any more?

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