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Share Five major concerns of pregnant women in the third trimester: do you feel identified?

Silvia Díaz @madreaventura

You have finally entered the third trimester of your pregnancy! After the normal insecurities of the first quarter and the typical fears of the second, now you face the final straight with special enthusiasm and eager to see your baby soon.

But as the weeks progress you realize that new concerns appear that are even becoming more and more recurrent as the delivery date approaches. Quiet, all the tidal wave of emotions that you have been feeling during all this time is normal, and most pregnant women experience it. Today we tell you what are the main concerns of the third quarter.

Having a premature birth

Once we enter the third trimester, the main concern that preys on many pregnant women is to have a premature birth, since the consequences in the baby can be important depending on the time of gestation that it has.

Although it is not always possible to prevent delivery from occurring before the estimated date, there are some risk factors that could trigger it and that we should know, such as:

  • Preeclampsia

  • Multiple pregnancy.

  • Anatomical malformations of the uterus.

  • Diseases of the mother such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or infections.

  • The age of the mother, since being under 18 or over 40 is associated with an increased risk of premature delivery.

  • Complications of the placenta such as placenta previa or detachment.

If you have any of these risk factors mentioned, try that the concerns do not affect you when living the final stretch of your pregnancy in the most positive and full way possible. Trust your ginélogo and clarify with him all the doubts that may arise.

Also, whether or not you have risk factors, remember the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, practicing moderate physical exercise and attending all prenatal check-ups. It also does not hurt to learn to recognize the warning signs in case of premature birth .

Will my baby be healthy?

Although the ultrasounds and tests that you have been doing throughout pregnancy have gone perfect and your doctor tells you at every check that everything is going well, it is common to have frequent recurring thoughts about your baby's health that will only disappear when you put on your chest and analyze exactly every inch of your little body.

It is normal to feel some degree of anxiety when we think about the health of our baby, but if everything goes well, try to relax and enjoy. Of course, do not forget the importance of living the pregnancy in a healthy way, not smoking or drinking, taking the vitamin complexes prescribed by the gynecologist, and take your vaccines up to date to avoid diseases or infections that put your child's health at risk.

Will I know if I'm in labor?

This is another of the most typical concerns in the final stretch of pregnancy, and may even lead us to go to the hospital before time thinking, wrongly, that our baby is already on the way.

But calm, at the moment you will know perfectly identify the signals of childbirth and you will notice difference with respect to the contractions that until the moment you have been feeling. In addition, during the previous days you will also experience certain changes that will announce that the big day is coming.

Will everything go well in childbirth?

During the last trimester of gestation we prepared ourselves thoroughly to face the moment of delivery in the best possible way. We read everything that falls into our hands, we inform ourselves and attend preparation classes because we want everything to be perfect.

But the most normal thing in the world is that at some point fear scares us, and even makes us doubt our ability and our decisions: "will I know how to be the owner of my birth or will fear control me?", "I want to give birth without an epidural, will I be able to do it? ", " I am afraid that my delivery will end in a cesarean, how can I avoid it? ", " Will I have the birth that I have always dreamed of or will it be a bad experience? "...

Doubts and more doubts assail us as the time approaches, and it is even likely that childbirth obsesses us so much that we even recurrently dream about it. Given these thoughts my advice is simple: trust your body and the team of professionals who will attend you when the time comes . Everything will be fine!

Will I be a good mother?

If you are going to become a mother for the first time, you must be afraid to think about the moment when you are alone with your baby. Maybe you wonder if you will love him, if you will feel that crush when you see him that all the mothers talk about, or if you will understand and know how to cover their needs. Also, if you are clear that you are going to choose to breastfeed your child, you may also have doubts about the subject or certain insecurity.

But if it is not your first child, it is likely that you will not be free from these typical fears either, or even live them with greater intensity: "will I be able to love my second son as much as the first?", "Can I lend to both of you? due attention? ", " Will I know how to organize with two kids at home? "... As you can see, these are absolutely normal fears that our compañera Mamen spoke to us a while ago.

Talking with your doctor or your midwife, and attending parenting groups where you can converse with other recent mothers will help you trust and neutralize all your fears. And do not hesitate: you will be a great mom!

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