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Share Five Valentine's crafts to do with children

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

This type of celebrations are a perfect excuse to spend entertaining moments with our kids doing manual jobs. If you want to decorate your house in a special way to celebrate family love, we give you some Valentine's craft ideas to do with the children .

Hearts are beautiful at any time of the year, so get down to work to fill your home with color.

Finger puppets in the shape of a heart

A fun and very easy craft to make are finger puppets in the shape of a heart . You only need a card (preferably in pink, red, fuchsia or purple), markers, scissors and eye stickers.

A trick: to make the holes, first make the eyelets with a hole punch and then thicken them with the help of a thin-tipped scissors.

Owls with rolls of toilet paper

One of the projects that I liked the most to do for Valentine's Day are these beautiful owls with rolls of toilet paper . You need printed papers for the body of the owl and cardboards for the wings, the beak and the eyes, also glue, eye stickers and a ribbon to hang them.

They are very nice and can be ideal for decorating a lamp or door latches, for example. To know how to do them step by step you can visit the web Happy Clippings.

Painted stones

In Color me Katie give us a nice idea to fill our house with color, which is to paint stones with hearts .

All you have to do is collect some stones, as flat and smooth as possible. Once you have selected the best ones you only have to paint them with a bright background color and let them dry well. Some you can leave with their original color.

When they are completely dry, outline the heart with a pencil and then paint it with a contrasting color. Use acrylic paint.

A kite in the shape of a heart

This project reminds me of the Mexican piñatas and it seems to me of the most colorful thing to decorate a children's room.

You need a flexible cane or a similar material that serves as a structure, silk paper in red and fuchsia, thread, cutter, scissors and glue. In My Poppet you have the photos of the step by step to make your Valentine's comet in the shape of a heart .

Hanging hearts in the window

I also thought they were beautiful, because of the play of lights they make in the window, these hanging hearts decorated with wool . Also, they are very easy to do, so you can have a few ready in an afternoon.

You will need a flexible wire to make the heart shape (it can be the ones used in floristry or get it in a DIY store) and then comes the most fun, dress them. It is only about wrapping the heart with wool several times in different ways.

Remember to leave at the end a long piece of wool to hang the heart where you like. It is an idea of ​​the Shelterness blog where you will find more details.

I hope you have enjoyed our proposals of Valentine's crafts to make children . Take advantage of the weekend to get down to work.

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