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Share Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy: we must wait

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

There are women who do not doubt it. After giving birth, they run to see a specialist who can give them a blow to the figure they had before pregnancy, or a better one.

But things can not be that fast. The body needs time to get back into shape before undergoing cosmetic surgery .

Plastic surgeons recommend waiting between six months and a year to allow time for the uterus to return to its original size and allow the skin that has been stretched to return to its normal situation.

In addition, we must wait for breastfeeding to end in the event that the woman wants to have a breast suspension and / or silicone implants.

In the case of this type of operation, as well as if it is a tummy tuck to correct the flaccidity of the abdomen or any reconstructive aesthetic plastic surgery intervention, the specialists recommend to undergo any of them once it is decided not to have more pregnancies. that the results are optimal.

On the other hand, remember that it is always convenient for the woman to have a balanced diet during pregnancy, because then it is not the same to correct the effects of an increase of 12 kilos than those of one of 25.

Like the practice of exercise, which helps the muscles recover faster after delivery.

Surgery helps, but it does not work miracles either. And that of pretending to drain the belly in the same cesarean, impossible.

I am more on the side of healthy life than on the scalpel. I prefer to take care of myself during pregnancy, and then with some Pilates classes, everything comes back relatively to its place.

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