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Share Color strollers made with toilet paper tubes

Eva Paris @paris_eva

Today I want to share with you a simple and great idea to put into practice with the kids. It's colored strollers made with toilet paper tubes, with them we can make a great rally !

We have seen them in Mom of two flip flops, and they are very simple to elaborate. We only need paper tubes (hygienic, kitchen


), tempera to decorate them to our liking, a piece of cardboard to make the wheels and the steering wheel and tongue clips or glue to join the tires to "the body".

In the upper part of the paper tube we can cut a space that acts as pilot's seat and paste a small flyer in this space. Now we can place the driver here, some doll, as we see in the image.

We encourage you to elaborate with your kids these colorful strollers with toilet paper tubes, or the versions of boat, train, submarine


They will love decorating them and racing with them.

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