Recommend, 2018

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Share Custom cushions with family drawing

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

I found these cushions and I could not resist showing them to you. It is the typical drawing of the family made by a child, but stamped on a cushion.

The ideal would be to do it from a drawing of our little fist. With a little inventiveness, printing the pattern on canvas and cooking it can be achieved. However, you can also order the cushion designed by K Studio in black and white in different sizes, customizing the drawing according to the number of family members (up to six), including pets (up to two).

The price is not cheap because they are handmade in organic cotton and filled with natural feathers. Above you have to add the shipping cost, but the cushions are really very nice to decorate the children's bedroom.

Another good option in the same line and something cheaper is to transform a drawing of your child into a stuffed animal.

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