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Share Pendants with custom silhouettes

Eva Paris @paris_eva

These personalized pendants offer us the possibility of carrying the silhouette of our children very close, in a black and white medal. These are the Custom Silhouette Pendants, designed by Whitney Phippen and created by emailing a good quality photograph of the face that we intend to appear on the jewel.

The pendant is made with a curtain ring to make the frame, the silhouette is covered by a thin layer of resin and the back is lined with beautiful decorative papers. Personally I find these pendants too serious, if I had to frame the silhouette of my baby I prefer these frames, more cheerful.

You can also choose the possibility of 2 facing faces, with the possible combinations for more than one child, son-mother ... Its price is 38 euros for a single silhouette.

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