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Laura RO

At 6 months, your baby begins the difficult task of understanding the world around him. Little by little he realizes that there is always something new to discover and new challenges, new mysteries, new adventures begin to appear.

He moves his hands more and more accurately, he is able to pick up objects and manipulate them with a little bit of awkwardness at the beginning and with total dexterity after a few months, and the objects he finds when exploring his surroundings become excellent test benches for your manual skills.

Little by little, your child starts on the path of language and any sound that is pleasant will help in its development. Soon he will say his first words and will be able to identify simple messages like "take" and "give me".

The development of your baby is a process that evolves over time and in any case, it is always good to practice all those new skills that are acquired with fun toys that help you grow.

Toys such as Fisher-Price's "Caracol Blocks and Music" will help your baby in many facets : they will stimulate your interest in experimentation, as well as your creativity and intellectual abilities, by proposing situations with which your child will learn the magic of cause-effect relationship.

It will also help you gain in increasing manual coordination, visual acuity and the ability to solve problems, with blocks of different shapes and colors that you will soon learn to stack and fit in different ways.

In addition, as Fisher-Price's "Caracol Blocks and Music" plays a joyful melody when it sways, it will stimulate the development of your baby's listening, musical and communicative abilities.

You can see the "Caracol blocks and music" in motion in the Fisher-Price videogame, under the section "Let's explore!"