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Share Controlling your emotions better will help your children have fewer behavioral problems

Lucy Ortega @LucyUMM

Much has been said about how the environment in which children develop and grow with their behavior and development, both cognitive and emotional. In the case of emotions, various studies have found that better management of them helps to avoid attention problems and have a better self-esteem.

But how do the emotions of the mother influence her children? A new study found that there is a relationship between the ability to control the emotions that mothers had, with the possible behavior problems of their children . We share your results

Published in the magazine Family Relations, the study analyzed the relationship that existed between the ability of mothers to control their emotions and to make decisions, with the behavior of their children .

To do so, they reviewed the information of 152 women, whose ages were from 21 to 49 years old, and had children between 3 and 7 years old. Through questionnaires, the emotional control that the mothers had was measured, including questions to know the frequency with which they were suddenly annoyed or overreacted to small problems.

The results of these questionnaires showed that mothers with greater cognitive and emotional control were less likely to have controlling attitudes in the upbringing of their children . And according to this new research, previous studies have found that there is a relationship between severe parenting and behavior problems of the children.

Therefore, the conclusion of the researchers is that this study confirms that the ability to control their emotions affects the way in which mothers interact with their children, which could later cause behavioral problems in the future, such as the famous tantrums.

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