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Share Converting the shower into a bathtub is possible

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

This solution that we find in Decopeques ( thanks Patricia ) is ideal for houses that do not have a full bathroom, that is, instead of a bathtub they only have a shower.

We know how cumbersome it is to bathe children in the shower: everything gets wet, they get cold, we parents have little freedom of movement and there is no room for them to play with their toys. Come on, that only for emergencies.

Therefore, I thought it was great that there is a practical article to facilitate the task to parents and for children to have a better time at bath time. It's called Bibabaño . It is a folding pool that can be placed inside the shower to turn it into a bathtub .

It comes in two versions: a fixed one of 80x80 (119 euros) and an extensible one that adapts to measures of 70 x70 to 90 x 90 (139 euros).

One issue that worries me are the slips, but the bathtub bag is made of a resistant and non-slip rubber fabric that has another advantage: it can be washed in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

It has drain and pockets to store the toys. In addition, as it is foldable it can be stored behind the door when it is not in use, which can not be done with hard tubs.

I see it great for those who do not have a bathtub at home. And of course, it can also be used outdoors in summer to take a dip.

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