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Share Create underpants that protect the genitals from children's kicks (yes, it's serious)

Laura Guerrero

The latest in the United States are underpants to protect the genital area of ​​men, but not designed for rugby players or anything like that, but for a contact sport more dangerous still: take care of your young child.

The underpants that promise to end the pain by kicking and hitting in that delicate area are called Fridaballs, they cost about 24 euros and to get them, you have to sign up for a waiting list, because it has been such a success of these underpants that protect the genitals of the children's kicks, which have been exhausted.

No more treacherous kicks

It seems that the imagination of the products manufacturers for children / parents has no end. We already talked about the magnificent body mopa, the super safe Mama board and the essential Sleepy wings.

Now the baby care products firm Fridababy has created underpants with a protection system that avoids those treacherous kicks that, apparently, always go to the same place when you sleep with your baby or when you carry it (someone should explain to the man of the photo that is done upside down, thus it would save some blows).

But is he serious?

Well it seems that, because the invention has been a success in the United States and even have a waiting list: "Protect your legacy and reserve now, " says its website. However, even manufacturers take their new product with humor. So they sell their virtues on the web:

"The blows come and go when you're a dad, " Cabezazos, "the foot hanging from the baby carrier, the jump right there in bed on Sunday mornings ... FridaBalls is the boxer designed to add branches to his family tree. The pair of FridaBalls is equipped with a reinforced protective bag to soften the blow and keep Dad's friends safe, breathable fabric to keep things fresh, a secure waistband that never slips and our conservation technology of family relics pending. patent (HCT). "

The video that accompanies this text also has no waste. A succession of youtube videos with blows that hurt me even alternating with pseudoscientific information of this great product.

The magnificent Fridaballs are called to enter the select list of the 10 most absurd inventions for dads / babies. Do you really need underpants that protect the genitals of the parents from the kicks of children ? Not at all, and that is his greatness.

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