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Mireia Long

I want to present the page of the project "Creating a family", aimed at people who, from any family model, need help with assisted reproduction to have their children.

The founder is Eva María Bernal and offers from "Creating a family" information, support and emotional support to people who face the path, often hard, of assisted reproduction.

I've known Eva for many years and I've always admired her strength and love transmitted when she spoke of her beautiful family and the complicated process that has happened to become a mother. I followed, also, in his blog "Going for the second."

His story is an example of tenacity to achieve the family he wanted. Eva is a single mother by choice and has three children, one of seven and two twins of one, the three born of assisted reproduction. It has not been a simple way, there have been hard times and for that reason I think that the families that start that process can offer so much, that it can wear so much emotionally and so many doubts can suppose.

I think that this way of bringing children to the world that increases every year requires support from people who have gone through the experience because there are already psychologists and therapists who do it and very well, but without really knowing, fortunate they, that it is "that" that eats us, pushes us or sinks us.

Soon, in addition, Eva María Bernal is going to publish a book, of which I will talk more carefully: "My assisted motherhood or how to be a mother by assisted reproduction and not die in the attempt". I hope that the page "Creating a family" will serve as an orientation and, if you need it, you can find the support and understanding that you may need in the process of assisted reproduction .

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