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Share Children's stories for non-discrimination

Eva Paris @paris_eva

The NGO for Non-Discrimination is a space of promotion and support to all those initiatives that are aimed at the normalization of the homosexual act in our society, paying special attention to the approach of this phenomenon in early childhood education and in their family environment.

As the basis of any society are the values ​​that are sown in childhood and develop in the person as it grows, it is important that, from very small, we try to convey to our children values ​​of non-discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation or identity, race, religion, social status, disability ...

One way to reach children is through stories, stories or theater, which can convey positive values . The NGO for Non-Discrimination, aware of the scarcity of publications aimed at children who develop a story that is related to homosexuality and the difficulty that its authors have for the publication of their stories, has decided to take those stories to the public.

The NGO's editorial edits some of the children's stories in two types of letters, the handwritten letter and the capital letter of palo (with which they normally start their reading learning at school).

Here we find, for example, "The Princess Ana", the first story written in Spanish with lesbian protagonists, or "The prince in love", first story written in Spanish with gay actors.

But in its website we not only see the books edited by them, which can be purchased online, but also another series of books, readings and recommended plays that deal with the issue of homosexuality and respect for others from a child's point of view.

For parents and teachers, there are also interesting articles on children's rights, school harassment for homophobia, training proposals, interviews, radiophonic broadcasts, legal framework ...

In short, if you are interested in having material such as children's stories that promote the normalization of homosexuality, in the NGO for Non-Discrimination you can find interesting references and information.

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