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Share Children's stories for an intellectual base


The great writer, Antonio Rodríguez Almodóvar, National Prize for Children's and Young People's Literature in 1984, as a specialist in children's reading, gave an interesting lecture on what role does reading play in the development of children?

His words explain very clearly the value and importance of children's reading, the first stories are very important to build the intellectual base of our child and with the development of this base, we learn to capture a concept or an idea.

For a story to be appropriate, it must have a well-organized structure, the story must be well told, with calm and great affection. And when the child asks us to tell him again, we must do it in the same way.

A story brings our son a first mental structure and if you change the way you tell it, you spoil the mechanism that configures your intelligence. At the age of two and a half, we should start with illustrated stories. According to Antonio Rodríguez, "a child who has had stories is more likely to be happy than one who has had them". There are several studies of specialists that demonstrate this question.

Some parents increasingly tell less stories or do it quickly and reluctantly, or just do not know how to count them. It is an art that every father must learn for the sake of his son.

It is very important from the beginning, to teach our children to love books, of course it will be easier if the parents themselves enjoy reading the books, in this way, trying to spread the taste of our child will be much easier.

To begin in the world of stories, those that are related to folklore and oral traditions are the most appropriate. If you have not yet started as a storyteller, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. Your son will thank you deeply.

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