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Compartir Courses 2008 by Laura Gutman in Barcelona


Laura Gutman, the Argentine psychopeggadogue expert in childhood, families and female piscology in the puerperium, and whom we have already presented in a previous post, will teach two courses this month in Barcelona:

Maternity as a Vital Crisis : February 22, 23 and 24, 2008 Case Supervision : February 25, 2008

The courses are aimed at: all those people interested in reflecting on themselves and on the link with children, both from a personal and professional point of view . For doctors, doulas, midwives, teachers, therapists, parents, etc.

In your web you have the program in detail but I advance some of the interesting topics that will be worked on:

  • The phenomenon of emotional fusion in the "mama-baby " dyad .
  • The puerperium as an altered state of consciousness. Appearance of the internal mother.
  • Experiences of the male and the family environment. Role of the father as an emotional supporter.
  • Networks of women. The doulas.
  • What is violence? Lack of mothering and violent dynamics.
  • The disability of adults in the upbringing of children . Sphincter control early, early separations, " duermete child ", etc.

Several of my friends attended this course two years ago, they have recommended it to me effusively but also warning me that, both Laura Gutman and her teachings, do not leave you indifferent but force you to reflect on your upbringing and have a powerful impact on personal level

This time I can not attend but next time, I'll think about it. For now, I will delve into your books and I will tell you what I learn and what I question about myself and motherhood.

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