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Share Mother's Day: gift ideas for recent moms

Lola Rovati @Lolarovati

Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain on Sunday. We have already made some gift suggestions to make pregnant women and now we will give some gift ideas for recent moms .

For women who celebrate their first Mother's Day will be a very special date, so we have thought of some details for the little one or the little one to surprise the new mom.

There is nothing more tender than receiving a gift from our children, but without a doubt the most beautiful thing is the love they give us each day.

Let's see then the gift proposals for recent moms . I hope you will be inspired.

Bag for the original design trolley

A bag for the car is a very practical gift, because it becomes an essential accessory when a woman becomes a mother. If it is large and with many pockets, it is better to carry everything you need for the baby.

In Teo and Leo you can choose the fabric from a catalog of 60 exclusive designs to make the personalized bag. It can be hung from the handlebar of the car or worn on the shoulder.

If you prefer, you can buy the hood for the baby carriage to match the maternal bag. The price of the bag is 89 euros

Set Mom Tatoo

A different gift for recent moms is the set Mamá Tatoo offered by the store Ni azulito y rosita. It is composed of a black body for the most rocky babies that has a love for mom engraved as if it were a tattoo.

It also includes the book The Secrets of Happy Mothers, a fun guide for moms today in which the author offers numerous and practical tips to enjoy motherhood and not leave the skin in the attempt.

It is completed with a customizable greeting card with a special message for mom. The price of the set, 34 euros.

My First Year Calendar

It is very nice to keep the memory of everything that happened in the first year of the baby. For this, you can give Mom a My First Year Calendar that can be personalized with the photo and the baby's footprint.

It contains 12 sheets, one for each month and stickers (in English) to highlight special events such as the exit of the first tooth, the first haircut, the first smile, etc.

Its price, 19.50 euros in Persobebé.

A book about parenting

I could not miss a good book about parenting on the list. All the books written by Rosa Jové are worth reading, but the last one titled "No tantrums, no conflicts", a guide on the behavior of children between 0 and 12 years old seems to be a must read.

It may be a little early to talk about tantrums to a mom who just had a baby, but it is important to be clear about how to react to conflicts before they arise. Its price, 18 euros.

A nursing apron

There are women very podorosas when breastfeeding in public. For them, an original gift can be a breastfeeding apron. It is a kind of blanket that is placed as an apron and provides intimacy to the baby and the mother at the time of breastfeeding.

It has a rigid neckline that allows ventilation and have eye contact with the baby, as well as a pocket to have on hand everything necessary such as nursing pads or belching wipes.

You can get it in Queraboo for 34.99 euros.

A canvas with the baby's photo

Giving your baby's picture to a recent mom is a sure bet. In Novapop turn a photo into a canvas ready to hang in a special corner of the house.

You just have to send one of your favorite photos and after a few days you will receive the personalized canvas. The price depends on the size of the canvas. One of 45 x 45 cm, for example, 50 euros.

I hope you liked the gift ideas to make the new mothers on Mother's Day . And to hurry, there are only a few days left.

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