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Share Where can I donate toys that my children no longer use?

Eva Paris @paris_eva

You probably have at home, as happens to us, toys that your children no longer use. A good option for responsible and solidarity recycling is to give those toys to children who do not have them, which are many as we saw recently. But, where to donate the toys that our children no longer use?

In this map we can see how most Spanish provinces have a place to donate our toys. Anyway, you can ask in your town halls or parishes because it is likely that there is also a toy collection program in the neighborhood or locality.

It is a collaborative listing of entities that collect toys for the Christmas holidays. We can also ask relatives, friends or neighbors with small children if they want those toys, if they are really going to use them (because we do not want them to go from drawer to drawer either



It is a pity that those toys already forgotten by children can not be passed on to younger children who will enjoy them and learn from them. Normally it is requested that the toys are not broken, that they are in good conditions to be able to be reused.

We thank our reader Vickitoria for sending us this map through a comment. In turn, she, interested in the issue of donating toys, passed the information.

In these times I think that throwing away anything that can be exploited by others is irresponsible, although we all fall into it from time to time. Hopefully we all have a place nearby to donate the toys that our children no longer use, a small gesture of solidarity that will not cost us anything.

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