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Sharing giving birth at home multiplies by four the risk of death of the baby, according to a study

Armando @armando_bastida

For a few decades, when all the mothers went to give birth to the hospital without qualms and without needing to look for another option, nobody doubted that the hospital was the best place to give birth.

However, times change, societies advance and health centers seem to have been left behind a bit in some ways, by not incorporating a new way of doing things, which in the end is not so new, because it is a return to respect by natural processes, and many women have opted to give birth at home to avoid excessive instrumentalization and to be the owners of their birth.

However, a recent study concludes that giving birth at home multiplies by four the risk of death of the baby in the first month of life.

Data about the study

The study is not yet published, as apparently it will be presented on February 7 at the annual meeting of the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, in New Orleans, and said study says that the risk is greater, not by the professional that attends childbirth, because it compares hospital births attended by midwives with home births also attended by midwives, but by the place where the baby is born .

To do the study, researchers have taken data from the US Centers for Disease Control. and analyzing them have observed that the risk of neonatal mortality (death between birth and day 28 after birth) was 3.2 per 10, 000 births in hospitals with midwives and 12.6 per 10, 000 births with midwives at home . If the woman gave birth to her first child, the risk of giving birth at home was 21.9 per 10, 000.

Amos Grunebaum, lead author of the study, sums it up in the following way:

This risk increased seven times if it was the first pregnancy of the mother, and about ten times in pregnancies beyond 41 weeks.

With these data the researchers urge health professionals to explain the risks arising from giving birth at home and, at the same time, advocate creating hospitals in a pleasant environment, avoiding unnecessary practices, so that parents feel well and do not see the need to give birth at home .

Is it true?

Whenever a study appears with such alarming figures we are assailed by the doubts of whether it will be true or not, largely because they explain the problem does not seem to be the professionals, but the place where the baby is born, and personally I can not understand what difference can create one place or another ... we are talking about giving birth at home, not in a block .

I ask this question because a few years ago a study was published in which it was ensured that the home birth tripled the risk of mortality of the baby, to later reveal that home births had been taken into account without healthcare, biasing the data.

Other studies, which we have discussed here in Babies and more, conclude that homebirth is so safe with the hospital, so right now we have scientific studies that provide contradictory data .

As we have not been able to read the present study, we can not say anything about it, but we will be attentive in case there are new developments and we can conclude that what they say is true or if, on the contrary, we should not be afraid of our homes as a place to receive a baby.

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